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Red Currant Plum Berry Jelly

Our garden has thrived during this very hot summer. We have enjoyed a particularly good harvest of red currants, gooseberries, and black raspberries. Every other year I make raspberry and red currant jelly, but this year I wanted to try … Continue reading

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Lemon Custard Tart

This tart recipe is terrific. I love the luscious and creamy lemon custard filling, which I developed for a recipe for lemon custard sheet cake. While the custard is hot, the lemon flavor is not so pronounced, but once the … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Peach Cobbler

We have a lot of rhubarb in the yard right now. I like rhubarb combined with berries or apples, but it is also nice with peaches. I have jars of peaches that need using, so it was a good way … Continue reading

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Strawberry Mascarpone Pie

I’ve always enjoyed American-style strawberry pie in which strawberries are suspended in a cornstarch-thickened gel and served with a big dollop of whipped cream. This variation is now my new and preferred favorite, made with puréed strawberries whipped into mascarpone … Continue reading

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Lemon-Lime Curd

I’ve experimented with lemon curd over the years but never found a recipe with the flavor balance I was looking for.  I prefer it on the lighter side by making the curd with whole eggs rather than yolks. I also … Continue reading

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Raspberry Fig Almond Cake

During the months of September and October our yard is loaded with ripe raspberries, and this year we also have an abundance of figs from our almost 20-year old tree. Raspberries and figs are a delicious dessert combination. This cake … Continue reading

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Peach Mango Fruit Compote

Last weekend I hosted a dinner party for which I cooked Indian food and wanted something fruity to accompany it. Peaches are still in season here and they marry well with the flavor of mangos, so I made this uncooked … Continue reading

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Satsuma Plum Jelly 

Several years ago I posted a recipe for Santa Rosa Plum syrup and jelly made without pectin. This jelly is similar, but is made with satsuma plums and uses liquid pectin. It is a gorgeous and delicious jelly. You need … Continue reading

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Peach Plum Raspberry Freezer Jam

This past Christmas our friend Jack gave us a bottle of his homemade raspberry peach pineapple freezer jam as a gift. It was so delicious that I ate most of it in one sitting. He shared the recipe and I … Continue reading

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Freezing Sour Cherries

I am lucky to live in a cherry growing region. Every few years I restock my supply of sour cherries for making pies, cobblers, and jam. This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a method, but I thought … Continue reading

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