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Chicken Stew

This chicken stew recipe is two recipes in one: you begin by making a basic chicken soup, then thicken it with flour and add a touch of cream and you have a comforting stew. If you want to cook it … Continue reading

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Clam Chowder

I have had my friend Will’s recipe for clam chowder in my recipe box for many years. I’ve tweaked it on occasion and this is my favorite version of it. I generally use bacon but if my husband has smoked … Continue reading

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Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard Sauce

My college-age daughter spent Spring Term in Great Britain and had a wonderful time thanks to her dedicated professors who organized a great trip. She has a sweet tooth like me, so wherever she ate she ordered dessert. She sampled … Continue reading

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Peach Chutney

This delicious peach chutney recipe is adapted from one my friend Marie shared with me. Try making some before peach season is over. You can substitute nectarines for peaches or do a mix of the two. The chutney freezes well. … Continue reading

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Eggplant, Okra, and Potato Curry

This is a very good vegetarian curry dish. It is at its best in late summer with garden-fresh eggplant and okra, along with local potatoes. A while back my Indian cooking teacher Farida served us this dish, but I did … Continue reading

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Hot Pepper Sauce

Every spring my husband gets a bit obsessive about growing different chili peppers. He usually plants a dozen or so varieties, some very hot and others more mild. Occasionally he gets a hybrid that can be outrageously hot or beautifully … Continue reading

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Baked Peach and Blackberry Pudding

Years ago, when we lived in New York, I belonged to a gourmet luncheon club about which I have written before. One August the theme was summer foods and one club member brought a baked peach pudding. It was so … Continue reading

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Nectarine and Raspberry Trifle

This dessert is beautiful and delicious using local fruit. It would be a lovely addition to a Labor Day gathering, so make it while fruit is at its peak. I find it easiest to prepare the custard the day before … Continue reading

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Cold Summer Borscht

This cold summer beet soup is light and flavorful. I use the same technique of shredding the vegetables as I did for the previous post on zucchini soup. You can serve it plain or with a little sour cream or … Continue reading

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Puréed Zucchini Soup

I recently had a refrigerator full of our garden produce that needed to be used. I decided to make several soups at once that can be eaten during the week or frozen for future use. This puréed zucchini soup was … Continue reading

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