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My mom grew up in a small Northern New Jersey town which at the time had an interesting mix of Italian and Eastern European immigrants. One of the advantages of living in this mix of people was the variety of … Continue reading

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Ground Meat Curry (Keema or Keemo)

I do not use a lot of ground beef in my cooking, just for the occasional chili or meatballs, but my Indian cooking teacher Farida makes a good ground meat curry so I followed her instructions and my family enjoyed … Continue reading

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Chicken Stew

This chicken stew recipe is two recipes in one: you begin by making a basic chicken soup, then thicken it with flour and add a touch of cream and you have a comforting stew. If you want to cook it … Continue reading

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Clam Chowder

I have had my friend Will’s recipe for clam chowder in my recipe box for many years. I’ve tweaked it on occasion and this is my favorite version of it. I generally use bacon but if my husband has smoked … Continue reading

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Sticky Toffee Pudding with Custard Sauce

My college-age daughter spent Spring Term in Great Britain and had a wonderful time thanks to her dedicated professors who organized a great trip. She has a sweet tooth like me, so wherever she ate she ordered dessert. She sampled … Continue reading

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