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Fresh Beets with Green Onions and Dill

Last year we planted beets in the garden and grew a beautiful abundant crop, but this year the local quail population ate most of the tender seedlings we planted in the spring.  I was craving beets so I bought a … Continue reading

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Jalapeño Green Sauce

My Indian cooking teacher and friend Farida introduced us to this all-purpose spicy pepper sauce. You can use it as a dip, add it to curries, and spice up bean or vegetable dishes. Any dish that you want to perk … Continue reading

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Satsuma Plum Jelly 

Several years ago I posted a recipe for Santa Rosa Plum syrup and jelly made without pectin. This jelly is similar, but is made with satsuma plums and uses liquid pectin. It is a gorgeous and delicious jelly. You need … Continue reading

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Peach Plum Raspberry Freezer Jam

This past Christmas our friend Jack gave us a bottle of his homemade raspberry peach pineapple freezer jam as a gift. It was so delicious that I ate most of it in one sitting. He shared the recipe and I … Continue reading

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Vanilla Custard Ice Cream

We lived in England in the 1980s and one of my favorite things to do was take long drives through the countryside. We lived in East Anglia and enjoyed driving over into Essex to a town called Finchingfield. It was … Continue reading

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Romano Beans in Tomato Sauce

The past few years we have planted Italian Romano bush beans in the garden with a very small yield. This year we finally have a good crop. I love these flat green beans because they have a meaty quality to … Continue reading

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Freezing Sour Cherries

I am lucky to live in a cherry growing region. Every few years I restock my supply of sour cherries for making pies, cobblers, and jam. This isn’t so much a recipe as it is a method, but I thought … Continue reading

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