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Lemon Custard Sheet Cake

When I was growing up my mother often made sheet cake when she needed to feed a crowd. They were either yellow cakes with pudding, pineapple, and cream or else chocolate with pudding, cherries, and cream. This lemon sheet cake … Continue reading

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Bell Peppers with Fennel

This pepper and fennel dish is delicious alongside chicken, beef or pork. The vegetables are cooked slowly on low heat rendering them meltingly soft, tender and sweet. They can also be a nice topping for crostini or a sandwich filling. … Continue reading

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Kuku Paka (Chicken in Coconut Sauce)

This past year I have been learning to cook new and interesting Indian dishes with some friends. Our lovely teacher, Farida, is a gifted and intuitive cook. She doesn’t use written recipes, but just knows how the food should look … Continue reading

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