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Summer Corn Chowder

This is a good recipe to use up leftover corn on the cob. It is light and flavorful for summer. The bacon adds a nice salty element to contrast with the sweetness of the corn without being too heavy. I … Continue reading

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Creme Fraiche Pear Lime Ice Cream

I have been reading the New York Times Wednesday Food section for at least 25 years and I generally have success with their recipes. About 10 days ago a recipe for Vietnamese Coffee Sundaes caught my eye. I am not … Continue reading

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Peach Caramel Tres Leches Cake

I have been waiting to try this recipe until the local peaches are ripe. I have a big bowl of fresh peaches on my kitchen counter and when I walk in the room there is a lovely fragrance of peach … Continue reading

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Watermelon Lime Cooler

The local watermelons finally hit the stands this week. I love cold watermelon slices on a hot summer day. It is so refreshing. This is an easy drink. I first tasted watermelon agua fresca in Santa Fe about ten years … Continue reading

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Summer Bounty – Tomatoes (Fresh Tomato Sauce for Pasta)

I acquired my first Italian cookbook while living in Tokyo in 1987. My husband had a Jessica’s Biscuit Cookbook catalogue and for my 22nd birthday present let me chose a few books and had them shipped to us. I was … Continue reading

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Summer Vegetable Trio – Corn, Pepper and Zucchini Spread

I am always looking for ways to use this late summer trio. I saw a recipe for a mashed zucchini dip in one of Claudia Roden’s books that is the inspiration for this dish. I frequently make my own pita … Continue reading

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Summer Bounty – Green Beans with Herbed Lemon Breadcrumbs

My family picked a small batch of purple green beans from the garden this week. The plants have slowed their production in the summer heat, but these are still moist and flavorful. This crumb mixture can be used for other … Continue reading

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Uncle Frank’s Eggplant Caponata

There is no comparison between the eggplant I buy in the grocery store and fresh-picked eggplant from my garden. The garden produce is so sweet with no bitter aftertaste. We had our first eggplant from the yard this week. Whenever … Continue reading

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Turkish Rice Pudding (Sütlaç)

My book club resumes this week after a two-month summer break and it is my turn to host. The Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk is my favorite modern writer; he won the Nobel Prize in literature in 2006. His novels are … Continue reading

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Peach and Blueberry Buckle

I look forward to fresh local peaches all year. They have finally arrived. As a child I remember going to ‘pick your own’ farms in New Jersey and loving the smell of ripe peaches as I climbed the trees. I … Continue reading

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